Blocktail Party!

Bloggers + Cocktail Party = Blocktail Party

And guess what?


(You're + Invited = You'rvited.)

My blogger friend, Helena, and I are trying to organise 
a London Bloggers (and blog readers) event before the holidays!

 I know! It's pretty exciting, right?
  (Ahem... Right, London peeps?)

 I know there are a few of you so don't be shy. 

Helena & I are working on getting the right place nailed down
 and would love to see if you (yes, you non-commentor!) 
would like to join us for an afternoon/evening of fun with a bunch of fab bloggers? 

 Helena even created a little fun banner for the party...
because it makes it feel more fun this way.

  (You can use if you want, scroll down for various sizes!)

 The idea is to host it in a super cool venue in London on Monday, December 12th. 

As we both blog about a bit of everything, 
we would love to have bloggers from all niches 
(design, fashion, foodies, ex-pats, weddings... whoever!) 

Can you come?

 Please let us know if you would be interested below...
and we'll get all the details sorted.



 *Here are some more sizes, please drop me an email if you need a different size or coding to embed it.