Friday Faces: Victoria of vmac+cheese

I am just LOVING the Friday Faces series. 
Every time I receive answers from the featured bloggers, 
I can't help but feel really lucky to interact with such cool people. 

For example,
meet Victoria.

The girl is just plain cool... 
beyond being a Texan (ahem!) who lives in San Fran (love!)
Victoria is also the person who encouraged me 
to take a simple post and turn it into a series getting to know bloggers better. 

And I did! 

I started a little series called "Friday Faces..." all thanks to her!


Happy Friday, everyone! My name's Victoria and I write the blog vmac+cheese. I was honored when Lauren asked me to participate in the Friday Faces series. Her blog is one of my faves! I always look forward to reading about her adventures abroad, don't you?

So, let's get right to it.

Who am I?

Where do I live?

What do I do? 

By day I work at a local university, specifically at their dental school. 
I assist one of the deans, 
and focus on a myriad of other projects in the Academic Affairs department.

Why do I blog?


I blog because I love being creative, I love connecting with other people,
 and I love sharing things that make me happy or make my life better. 
And above all -- blogging is fun! 

I definitely dream about having my blog become a bigger part of my career future. 
My hope is that it will be a great launchpad for other projects I want to work on!

Where do I blog?

I typically blog right here, in my home office. It's a little tiny space that's all my own. 
My desk directly faces a gallery wall filled with lots of framed art work that is meaningful to me;
 to the right of my desk is a big "inspiration board" made with string and clothespins, 
so that I can swap images out whenever I want.

 My office is also the first and last place I visit in my apartment 
before leaving and when coming home, so it features a big gallery of shoes. 
It's easy for me to dump off my kicks here!

When do I blog?

When I first became serious about posting to my blog everyday, I had to work out a schedule with my boyfriend so that he would know what to expect and when. (Sidenote: I have found one of the biggest secrets to communicating well with a man is to manage expectations. Seriously.) So, I typically blog on Sundays, and Wednesday evenings. On Sundays, I'm designing graphics and photo editing for the week, as well as coming up with post ideas. I'll also write Monday and Tuesdays posts (Wednesday is always a guest series post -- that helps take off some of the pressure!). On Wednesday night, I'll write Thursday's post and get a skeleton for Friday's post ready to go. It works out well! 

What looks suit me best?

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As much as I wish I could be more daring with my fashion, I'm definitely no glamazon. 
I stick to pretty classic, basic pieces -- 
straight leg jeans, skinny black pants for work, lots of sweaters and stripes. 
As a third piece, I almost always opt for a cardigan or blazer of some kind. 
This time of year, I love wearing flat riding boots and mid-length coats. It works for me!

What's been the most shocking moment of my blogging career?

Hmm...probably when I realized people were actually reading what I wrote--
and that they related to it!
 When you first start blogging, sometimes it really feels like you're talking to no one.
 So that was exciting. 
Earlier this summer, one of my posts also got 'freshly pressed' by WordPress, 
which means that post showed up on the front page of
That was pretty shocking AND exciting! 

Where do I want to be in five years?

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I have so many ideas and plans for the next few years of my life, 
but I'm totally one of those "idea of the week" kind of girls. 
I come up with genius ideas all the time...but I'm terrible at executing. 
Trust me, I'm working on that! 

So, for now, I'd say that in five years, 
I'd still like to be happy and in love, 
I want to have traveled to many more places, 
and I'd like to be enjoying the good life
 (complete with a glass of Champagne every now and then). 

Readers of vmac+cheese would be surprised to learn...

That I'm messier and more of a pack rat than I let on. 
I just realized this when I was taking photos for this post... my desk was a disaster! 
And I almost always have a huge pile of clothes sitting on a chair in our bedroom. 
I LOVE a clean, organized closet, but I despise putting laundry away. 

Can't have it both ways --  
I've decided I need to work on these habits, stat!


Thanks SO much Lauren, for having me visit today! This was a blast to put together. Have a great weekend, everyone! xo