India In Motion

Grab a cup of your favorite tea,
some nibbles of your favorite chocolate...
and spend three minutes jumping in our Indian adventure.

Sure, we might have taken this trip in the summer,
but is there a more appropriate time to debut the video than mid-November?

(Don't answer that.)

And just a heads up...
there may or may not be a shower scene
that gives this video a PG-13 rating. 

Viewer discretion advised. :)

Our trip really was unforgettable.

Especially our day at the Taj Mahal.

.... amazing ...

If you are considering traveling to India...

I would recommend staying in the incredible villa in Goa, Noi Varo.

The ratess are absurdly affordable, the house staff is amazing, 
the amenities are dreamy (you saw that shower in the video!)...
and it really was the MOST relaxing week of our life.

We also really enjoyed our hotel in New Delhi, Le Meridien...
though, to be honest, the contrast of it's opulence & the surrounding poverty
was a little difficult for us to stomach. 

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