Will the real Slim Lady please stand up?

I wish I were a girl who was super skinny 
& didn't have to think twice about what she ate...
but alas, 
God swapped out my metabolism for an affinity for cobbler
and reversed my leg/torso ratio 
creating an affect I liken to the Tasmanian Devil.

I used to not care about what I ate...
like, I would eat a Dairy Queen Blizzard EVERY night in college.

And I miraculously wasn't 5468 lbs.

When I graduated & got married,
I still didn't care...
the only problem was
doing the office + lunch/dinner out routine... 
I kinda did gain 5468 lbs.

Living overseas has trimmed me back to my preferred size,
which I can attribute to having more time to consider what I'm eating
& walking constantly...

I was feeling particularly fat & happy after lunch.

For any of you that are so busy you can't even remember what you've eaten,
here's a few inspirational links to help out...

I love FlatPlanet's flatbreads for a well-portioned, fresh lunch....

I love this Food & Wine recipe for a delicious carrot soup.

I love soups, salad and small sandwiches for lunch...
as they are easy, cheap, available pretty much everywhere
and do a pretty good job of keeping my butt the same size.

I love Sarah's healthy approach to eating,
witnessed by her grocery lists, light lunches & killer legs.

I love these trousers from H&M that make my legs look skinnier...
though no where near to Sarah's.

I love the Couch to 5K program that Leslie is doing...
She inspired me to go out and run one {tiny} mile last Saturday.
It was both horrible & empowering to a blog-potato like myself.

I love walking everywhere,
and I know this luxury isn't afforded in suburban cities...
which is why I'm a big fan of urban living discussion & planning.

I love this Chai Latte from Caffe Nero
for a low-cal sip on a chilly day.

Now I've spilled my secrets...
what do you love?