Would you even care?

... to know about how Tyler & I got together?

You know,
to hear "our story?"

I always love reading about other bloggers.

Like Bridget...
or Elizabeth...

When I see these stories offered up,
I will dig back in the archived posts of days-gone-by 
to read each word of every post
 of these couples' love stories.

But for some reason-
I've never wanted to share our story...
publicly, at least.

Though seeing as how you put up with 
 obnoxious pictures of us kissing all around the world...
it might only be fair at this point
to give you some background on how this party started.

Our second kissing picture of a hundred... but my favorite.
So what do you think?

Yes, yes, yes!


Nah, just keep showing us pictures of England
and sugar-drenched pastries & pretty drinks.

Leave your vote below...
and I'll go with which side wins.