Friday Faces: Ana Pettus of Ana Pettus Diaries

It's two days before Christmas. 
I can't believe it's already here...
it seems surreal that this time tomorrow,
we will be landing in the states.

My flat is packed up and moved to storage
until we return in the early summer from Paris...
let me tell you, 
constant moving & schlepping your possessions
is the very unglamorous side to life on the road.

But do you know what is completely glamorous?

Do you know her?
Do you read her blog?

This girl is fancy.

In fact, before we connected via blogging-
I actually met Ana.

It was several years ago, 
and I was in the store I used to work for
one afternoon setting up for an event.

Right before we locked up the shop for the evening,
a gorgeous car rolls up and parks out front.

Out of the giant SUV, 
climbed tiny little Ana.
She swept into the store
and in about 5 minutes,
had curated an assortment 
of our store's coolest merchandise 
in a neat stack at the register.

I knew then and there:
 I liked her style.

And I think you will, too.

If you ever want a dose of the fabulous life...
like lunches with designers,
soirees in runway gowns,
& celebrity style beauty products-
read her blog, Ana Pettus Diaries.

You may feel a bit starstruck
with this socialite's daily lifestyle...
it's pretty easy to see how Ana has become
the queen bee of the socialite blogging scene.

Fashion has always been a part of life for me. 

For as long as I can remember, I have supported the motto: quality over quantity. 

At the age of twenty, I saved all of my money working to buy my first pair of Chanel ballet flats...

that I still have today! 

 I hope that my love for style, beauty, fashion,
 and the little things that make life more pleasurable will inspire readers 
and their own individual lifestyles. 

I was born in Brazil and lived in Paris for ten years...
and worked with both Cartier & Hermes in professional roles.

Dallas, Texas 

hello, dream vanity. ana's personal primp space in her dallas, texas home.

I'm an up and coming handbag designer.  I will also host an array of signature fragrances.

I blog to express my personal opinion and share my experiences 

with products in the fashion, beauty, design, and lifestyle industries. 

  If my experiences can save others money and time, I have accomplished my goal. 

I blog from a variety of places: 

the plane on my iPad, my kitchen table, from my bed... 

and even my shoe closet!

I blog whenever I feel inspired!

You will rarely (if ever) find me in color. 

I always wear all black and then have fun accessorizing! 

Being on the cover of the WSJ Journal and Styles section. 

(Editor's Note: Yes! That would be a pretty shocking moment. What a dream!)

Wherever life takes me!

That I personally iron everything!  Sheets, t-shirts, you name it. 

 And, I do it on my own. 

Everything in my house is ironed!

Ha! That personally made me laugh...
I wouldn't have seen that one coming!

Isn't Ana fabulous?

Check out her blog, Ana Pettus Diaries,
or keep up with her jet-setting tweets on twitter...
ooh, or look at the fabulous giveaway I won on her blog this summer.

(For sure the most luxe giveaway in blogging history!)