Heart Home Mag & One Sydney Road.

Little Miss Aspiring Kennedy has been getting around lately.

Did you see my guide to London 

I listed my favorite stops for a quick trip to London.

photo by: aaron snow

Also, the newest issue of Heart Home Magazine went live this morning...
and it is SO fabulous!

I mean, seriously, people.

It's the type of issue you want to cozy up with
 under the duvet
and dream of Christmas time in England.

It has everything from country homes
to weekends in Amsterdam...
to cocktail party planning...

It's a fabulously indulgent (& free!) way to spend an hour of your life.

And while you are flipping through this splendid issue...
you may notice my column on page 130.

PS. Does anyone want/need two tickets for Coldplay's concert
in Frankfurt, December 20? Let me know, because I have some!