WELL DONE, Blogging Community.

Blogging is an amazing tool...

It keeps the ex-pat connected to her family,
it keeps the stay-at-home mom sane by providing friendships
that don't require getting out of the house,
it keeps the begrudged employee entertained with dreams of travel 
& the splurges of their Christmas bonus...

Every day, it provides each of us an escape from our realities.

But what it today,
blogging did something bigger.

What if today,
we all of forfeited our own daily blogging indulgence
and offered an escape to someone 
who lives in the realities of third world living.

What if we all got together,
gave $5 and provided clean water to people who need it.

The displaced daughter who walks 30 km a day for dirty water,
the young mother who has to give her child contaminated water to drink,
it gives the worker in a field the chance to be refreshed 
by something other than murky brown water.

While this might sound like a problem that exceeds anything you can do...
you're wrong.

You actually can do something to stop it.

So can I.

If we, the blogging community, use our mass & readership together-
we can end this problem for one community.

It really is that simple.

$5000 and our goal is met.
A water well for 250 people can be built with $5000.
Drilling equipment can be purchased for $5000.

All you have to do is give $5...
which, I know you have.

Even in the midst of the holiday purchases,
the winter travel,
& the holiday cocktail dress shopping...
you have $5.

{Welcome to the First World!}

So start of Monday by being awesome.

Help me do something bigger than write love stories
(though, to be honest... that was pretty fun).

You may not even remember the chunk of change 
you gave by tomorrow...

... But to the woman who can offer her child clean water,
 the daughter who can go to school instead of walk to find water,
and  the field worker who is missing work because he is sick...
it will never be forgot.

Get involved like so many of your favorite bloggers are...
{Helena, Ashley, Elizabeth, Sue, Beth, Bridget, Carolyn, Michelle, Christine, Anna,
Victoria, Cassie, Sarah, Will, Piper, Wegan, Kelly, Jillian, Tina, Patricia, & Keely...}

Below are the buttons/banners
(and I can email you the html code, if you like!)

 Join the revolution.
...because we kinda can't do it without you.