You Got Buns, Hun.

These buns haunted me on Pinterest for a long time.

They just seemed perfectly impossible to me.
I would always look at it and wonder...
how the heck they could do that.

This illusive, messy up-do
had been plaguing me in 
a very harsh "first world pain" manner,
and I eventually wrote it off as a perk for thin hair.

Until one fateful day.

I walked past these funny things in a bowl, 
picked one up and looked at it like it was a bizarre archeological find.

What is this?
What purpose does it serve?
Why would a factory agree to produce these?

And then the lightbulb went off...
and finally understood the physics 
behind those perfect little do's.

Some may call it a sock bun-
but for those of you who have asked about mine,
it's a sponge donut.

Or something like that.

It's basically an implant for your hair.

I actually don't know what it's called.

But in all it's ghetto fabulousness...
they work like a charm!

I love it,
and it's super simple...
just make a high pony tail, pull it through the ring,
splay your hair around it... and tuck it under. 

So easy, right?

I've been handing them out to my friends
and we love them...
and after such universal success...
 I bought some for you!

I only could find the blonde color first,
and you couldn't tell at all, even though I'm a brunette...
my hair is thick and long so it covered it easily.

So if you hair is a dark blonde
or light brown... either one should work
unless you don't have a ton of hair.





*If you live in the states, 
I'm going to ship these back 
when I'm stateside the week after Christmas
a.k.a... don't plan your New Years Party look over it. :)