Downton Abbey- Your New Favorite Thing

I always assume everybody already watches Downton Abbey;
however, I have grown increasingly alarmed
to learn that some of you still have not jumped in to the series.

Here's the deal...
you need to.

You, just, really do.

Watch this clip
and I double dog dare you to resist
the lure of Downton.

The fabulous plots,
the costumes,
the gorgeous English backdrop...
Maggie Smith's hilarious one liners.

Everything about Downton Abbey is just so perfect.

It's like Pride & Prejudice meets Sophia Coppola meets The Titanic.

If you thought Will & Kate brought England back on the style map,
this is going to be the next (and dare I say, larger?) wave of English style
to sweep the pop-culture scene & re-establish the British Empire.

The final straw to convince you that you need to watch it?

It's reportedly the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge's favorite show.