If I Could Wake Up Anywhere: Off The Map Edition

Ok, is it just me...
or does this guest series keep getting better?

Each series is packed with places I want to go. 
It's a sick condition when you are on vacation feeling envious of another vacation.

None the less, who couldn't feel wistful 
after hearing about these gorgeous destinations?

Four of my good blogging buds
talk about places they would like to find themselves.

I love that each of them are a bit obscure and off the beaten path.

{Not like those unoriginal people who constantly cycle through London, Paris & Italy. :) }


When traveling, I prefer to go to the "hidden gems" of the world.

As much as I love the big cities like Paris and Rome,
I would always rather be in a quaint village or seaside town,
or in this case..an Island.

The Aeolian Islands are off the coast of Sicilly, 
and surrounded by volcanoes and blue water.



When Lauren asked me,"if you could wake up anywhere in the world, where would it be?"
 I didn't hesitate with my answer,

As a wife, mother of three children, blogger and e-shop owner of zhush.com,
 running away across the country to a spa in Malibu sounds like a plan.  

From the spa's own site:
 "In one intensive week at our luxury boot camp, 
you will gain physical endurance, shed unwanted pounds, tone up and detoxify
 in a healthy and sustainable way 
all while “getting off the grid” and back to nature." 

Seriously, how amazing does this place look and sound? le sigh.


If I could wake up anywhere in the world... 
it'd be in the all-white, clapboard bedroom of a rustic bach
 on the beaches of northern New Zealand.

Sounds a bit specific, right? 

Well, back in a time long, long ago (otherwise known as college), 
I traveled with my Kiwi best friend to her native country of New Zealand. 

In between visiting wineries, shopping and otherwise being a college kid, 
we visited her uncle's rustic bach on the top end of the North Island.

It. Was. Heaven.

Luckily I realized the value of this memory as soon as we arrived, 
so I tucked away many mental snapshots from our wonderful time there.

 And if I could wake up anywhere in the world? 
It'd be back there, again, in beautiful New Zealand.


If I could wake up anywhere in the world I think it would be Thailand. 

Its where we really wanted to go on our honeymoon
 but silly monsoon season got in the way. 

But I can still dream about it right?


Italian Islands? Luxe fat farms in sunny California? Lonely islands in New Zealand? Tahiti?

Good grief. 

The only thing better than getting to go to one of these places
might be getting to shop for the clothes to pack before leaving!

If you could head off the map
to somewhere "forgotten,"
where would you go?