Monday Moods: I Feel... Toasty.

Besides the weather being over the top sunny
and all together lover-ly,
I can honestly say,
our weekend in England recharged me 
in a way I wasn't expecting.

As I sat down on the Eurostar last night to return to Paris,
I reveled in the feeling of being completely relaxed after our trip.

{Editor's Note: This is not a normal feeling for me. Trips typically leave me exhausted.}

I guess it just felt good to be "home."

Walking by the Pret A Manger in our neighborhood,
saying "hi" to the desk clerks at our office,
meeting up with friends for dinner...

The simple pleasure of being in a familiar place just felt really nice.

And the food...
I have really missed the food in England.

{Editor's Note: Where are the vegetables, France??}

As I sat with a cup of tea & piece of toast
yesterday morning while checking emails,
I couldn't help by feel myself sliding into a state of euphoria.

If you are waking up
and needing the day to start off with an easy win...
it might be time to dust off the toaster, 
 dredge the jar of jam you got at Christmas out of the cupboard,
& indulge in something dependably tasty.

Today, let's toast the glorious pairings one can enjoy 
with just a single slice of crunchy bread...


cinnamon toast (my favorite way featured on hello splendor) | egg & soliders (the cutest way to eat toast)
toast & jam (this is tiptree tiny tip raspberry is amazing) | toast with butter & Charbonnel et Walker hot chocolate

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ps. yup. just realized it is actually tuesday. oh well.