You Pretty Little Ring.

I don't have a house to buy a new couch for these days.

I don't have a car to repair these days.

There aren't any bambinos racking up any college funds for me yet.

No sir.

I'm living the gypsy lifestyle of a DINK.

And isn't the right of every vagrant DINK to buy lovely things?

My thoughts exactly...
too bad my husband isn't completely obliging. ;)

Seriously though-
I could pick out several things to suit my fancy on Anjolee.

Pretty diamond earrings for the everyday...

swanky diamond tennis bracelets to make me feel like a lady...

the perfect diamond engagement rings for all my single friends...

and of course, matching diamond wedding ring to match.

Yes ma'am.

Now I'll just have to convince the other side of this DINK relationship
of my indulgent intentions towards our 401k donation this month.

*As much as I truly do love diamonds, it's fair to tell you that this post was sponsored by
Anjolee offers amazing prices for jewelry. I like the site & think the prices are fair. This is my own opinion, but I hope you'll consider them the next time you leave a subtle reminder to your husband sitting book-marked as his internet homepage.