A Close Shave.

Recently, my husband took a turn into his mid-life

and celebrated his 30th birthday.

{30? Really?}

Since we have been a little "experience" heavy lately,

it was actually really hard to think of an activity

that was worthy of such a monumental day.

I'm not sure how well I actually did at the overall day...

but I know I did two things right.

The first was booking dinner at the

OXO tower

overlooking the skyline of London.

(One point, me. One point for you, too, if you go when you visit London.)

The second was taking Tyler to

Ted's Grooming Room

to primp & pamper him.

This quirky salon is the brainchild of Ted Baker.

Apparently, after experiencing a traditional Turkish shave in Turkey (duh),

Ted came back and opened up a shop to recreate the experience.

It's pretty fantastic, I must say...

and it wasn't even me with the appointment!


The clothes the barbers wear are awesome Ted Baker clothes.

They all are the same... but they all rock.

You get treated to some mean Turkish coffee for you while you wait.

They move giant razor blades around men's throats like it's no big deal.

How smooooooth Tyler's face was for days. Lovely.

They have bowls of matches & combs to take for free...

except you may realize when you get home, they aren't actually matches...

they're condoms.

And I made a joke about never having "these" 

when I need them to the guy as I shoved a handful in my purse.

And he giggled.

{Editor's Note: Sign up for 'Anti-Moron' coaching class immediately.}

Oh well.. regardless of the impression I made there,

the important thing is: Tyler really liked it.

And that's good...

because now that he's 30,

there's not as much to be excited about.

I kid, I kid.

PS. Im headed to Scotland for a "wee" work trip today

where I'll be hopping around Edinburgh & the country for a few days.

*all images original to Aspiring Kennedy