Homesick Texan

Most days, I find it pretty awesome that I get to live in Europe.

I mean with a constant backdrop of such stunning sites,

it's hard not to feel lucky.

But there are certain days when I just want to be back in Texas,

sitting on a patio with friends in the warm evening air,

a giant Mexican feast sprawled out before me

and hot sunshine beating down on my exposed shoulders.

Cinco De Mayo is definitely one of those days.

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I can hear what you're all saying to yourself:

"But Lauren, think on the bright side:

living in England gives you the chance

of becoming best friends with Kate Middleton..."

And you're right.

 Obviously, it is inevitable that, someday in the near future, 

the two of us will be giggling on her 15x15ft Kensington Palace bed,

comparing shades of our brunette hair,

& asking the MI6 man guarding the door to order us in a pizza.

However in today's vulnerable state,

I might be willing to go all "Esau" and trade my future plans

for a chicken chile relleno, tortilla chips, & a


 quart of hot queso.

Instead, Tyler & I will rally,

 head out to the best Tex-Mex we can find...

and celebrate the 6th anniversary of our first kiss.

Even though I have no sunset happy-hour at Gloria's with friends,

at least I have this guy...

and I wouldn't trade that for anything!

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*PS. This blog is titled after one of my favorite blogs as an ex-pat: Homesick Texan.