Italian For Beginners

Headed to Italy anytime soon? 

Whether you have a fabulous trip planned

or just need a diversion from your inbox,

here are some phrases that I find to be quite handy

when in Italy.

Okay, okay...

Obviously, I don't use these particular phrases that often.

In fact, I googled translated most of it...

but now that I've got them,

I'm putting them in the back of my mind

for my girls weekend in Rome

that I'm leaving for today.

And, oh baby, am I excited...

I will be meeting up with Oxford friends

that I haven't seen in over a year

and, the best part... zero percent chance of rain.

Check me out on Instagram (aspiringkennedy) as we explore the Eternal City.

Ciao ragazzi!

PS. What places do you love in Rome? Suggestions, per favore!