A Pretty Picture: Watercolor, Florida

If you need a great place to take a summer vacation-

you now have a great option: 

Watercolor, Florida.

This little town is right on the beach

and gives families a perfect place to lounge around together.

{And take

matchy-matchy pictures

together on the beach.}

You'll feel like you've stumbled upon Cutesville, USA.

And you kinda have.

I won't go into too detailed of an explanation,

because the pictures speak for themselves.

I mean... you've been to the beach, so you get the idea.

Now just add cute pastel houses, snow cone shacks & 

families peddling on cruises down to the beach

and you'll get the full picture.

Of course, my nieces were paraded around as princesses... there are certain life skills I feel obliged to teach them.

*all images original to Aspiring Kennedy