Sweet Land of Liberty


It may sound hypocritical to say how proud I am to be an American

since I, willingly, moved to another country...

in fact, the country that we fought so desperately against

to gain our own independence.

Well, yeah, it kinda doesn't make sense,

but the truth is-



a great country

& I consider myself extremely fortunate to be one of its citizens.

I feel very safe, very protected & very fortunate to call myself an American.

And while I won't win any awards for being the most loyal citizen,

I can list some of the things that make it uniquely special.

Bumping around from place to place makes you realize

what actually is great about the country from which you come.

So, dear America, on your birthday,

here are some things that make you so lovely:

1. Your customer service. 

It really can't be beat. 

Constant refills. Upgrades upon complaint. To-go cups after a meal.

It makes my head spin when I go home... thank you for spoiling us all.

2. Tex-Mex

No matter where in the world it's attempted, it is only successful stateside.

Chile rellenos, drippy queso, refried beans & tortillas.... 

be still my beating heart.

3. Discounted Merchandise

Because nobody knows how to mark-down merchandise better

than the US of A. 

4. Summer Time

Sorry England, I love you... but you really suck at summer. 

Three cheers for a land who enjoys lazy days at the pool, 

grilling out in the heat & months of warm nights spent outside.

5. Problem-Solving

This trait can manifests itself pretty ugly while traveling overseas

(e.g. endlessly commentating how waiters could do their job better), 

but the get-it-done mentality of the people in the states

is an attribute that also makes it great. What other country can claim life changing inventions such as the microwaveable popcorn bag, roller-suitcases, sunglasses & the golf cart. (Because who says playing a sport have to be physically exhausting, anyway?)

Tonight we are headed off to celebrate where it all began: 

The Mayflower Pub.

Yup, that's right.

We are going to the Thames where the Pilgrims set sail for the new land.

Do me a favor & shoot off some fireworks to the east tonight.

Happy Fourth of July!