The Olympic Opening Ceremony: LIVE.

Last night, we struck Olympic gold

and got to attend the opening ceremony

for the 2012 games here in London.

While I'm sure you watched them

and don't need a tour of what happened,

I am offering a peek at the ceremony

from our view...

which was a view behind the big tree.

{Well, just above it actually... you'll see.}

So we got the park really easily.

{Bravo, London, for being so freaking organized. Public transportation was a dream.}

We breezed through security,

not because of a lack of screening

but due to the massive amount of screening lanes.

We wandered through the park

got to giggle at what people were wearing...

... got to eat some bad food at the park

{which, I have learned, is a universal misfortune}

.... and then we kinda just wanted to go to our seats

and get this party started.

Who didn't love the Pandemonium scene

when the English countryside

transformed into the industrialized city of London?

I got chills.

Then the NHS/British Lit part was fantastic...

Mary Poppins, Death Eaters, Captain Hook,

all of it was perfect!

{I was hoping that everyone in America stressing about socialized healthcare

paid attention to how happy the UK is about it

to have done a song & dance in it's honor!}

The Queen "parachuting" into the games...

the best Bond girl I've ever seen.

Tyler waving his "pixels" around during a light feature. They trained us before hand. :) 

The countries entry parade got, well, boring.

We didn't have commentators or commercials to help up through that one.

Then the flame was fantastic!

Beckham driving a boat?

The music?

The transforming torch?


And the crowd was pretty fun, too.

We made a few friends... like this guy, Ian.

{Who, as you may suspect, was off his head drunk.}

We didn't get home till almost 2:30,

but it was so worth it to have made such wonderful memories!

How did you celebrate the opening of the 2012 Olympics?

*all images original to Aspiring Kennedy