There's No Place Like Rome

It seems that almost every time I put up a post

that pertains to a recent trip or upcoming plans,

someone leaves a comment that asks

how I physically manage to do all I do.

I'm typically not really sure how to reply to this

because the truth is,

I'm always so excited about seeing whatever/whoever

that I don't get worn out.

But this week,

I'm pretty tired.

I've been cashing in on my nights at home with trash tv

and not blogging.


Except today, I rallied...

I got up early & edited photos throughout the morning...

because even though I'm still pretty whipped,

I'm too excited not to show you

how awesome my girls weekend in Rome was.

Just as Rome wasn't built in a day,

so no blog post should be confined to one day either...

more on our adventure tomorrow!

Yes, it was a lovely time.

Going with a foodie took me to a few places that were amazing & quirky. 

My new favorite is

Nonna Betta.

The next time you head to Rome, I hope you'll stop by here and try something amazing.

Nonna Betta: In the old Jewish quarter (in the first "ghetto"), there is a slew of Kosher/Italian kitchens.

the creations there are nothing short of wonderful. 

I recommend

Nonna Betta

- which is a kosher "style" kitchen, 

meaning they don't strictly follow the milk/meat separation

and are open on Saturdays.

When you go, don't miss the Jewish style artichokes which are lightly fried & salted.

The salmon carpaccio is light & flavorful garnished with olive oil, pink pepper & orange slices. 

And the pasta to try is the understated but overwhelmingly tasty taglioni cacio, pepe & cicoria

made with local cheese, pepper & hickory.

For the rest of my Roman favorites...

well, you'll have to wait till tomorrow.

A domani!

*all images original to Aspiring Kennedy