One Day, Two Knights: Chicago

First, thank you for all of the amazing

hair advice.

Honestly, I have my work cut out for me

in choosing a good salon

with all the options you sent my way. 

It's nice to know I'm not the only "head case" out there.

Secondly, my friend Holly just tried on jeans next to Kate Middleton at the GAP.

They shared the mirror together while checking themselves out and everything.

I mean... I'm dying of jealousy.

I'd tell you more if I knew it...

but that's all I know for now.

You'll have to settle for Chicago until I can get more D.O.C. information.

On our way home Friday,

we had one of those travel days

that kinda makes you wish

you never left the house.

Besides the fact that we woke up at 3:00am,

it was a comedy of errors from that point out.

Including but not limited to:

starting to take off and stopping to have a part repaired,

missing our connecting flight,

being rebooked on a later flight

and getting separated into the only two remaining {middle} seats.

Oh well.

It happens.

When we got stranded in Chicago for eight hours,

we could have lazied around the airport...

but for $2.25 we took the train into the city

and made a day of it.

I might not be Ferris Bueller

{though I


meet Matthew Broderick once in NYC},

but I sure did live up my one free day

playing in the Second City

and I wore leopard as a nod to his classic leopard vest.

Chicago, you are a good time.

Thanks for showing us sunshine & cheap food.

It's a combination that makes our hearts happy.

If you could get stuck in a city for one day,

where would you go?