Di-Namic Duo: Naomi & Diana

So you remember my friend, Holly, that tried on jeans

next to Kate Middleton the other day?

Well, in my excitement over her GAP encounter,

I didn't even mention the fact that

the night before she posted a picture

of the new Naomi Watts movie

being filmed outside her house.

Typically this would be top priority...

but the Duchess trumps film crews.

It's a fact.

Anyway, they were literally outside her window

shooting a scene for

the new movie.

You know, the one where Naomi Watts

is attempting to relive the tragic last two years

of Princess Diana's life.

Those are some dyed-satin pumps I would not want to try to fill.

But have you seen the pictures of Watts in character?

It's pretty amazing.

Hopefully, the directors and writers are paying as much attention to detail

as wardrobe is at accurately recreating Lady Di's last few years.

I can't wait.

And in the meantime,

since the movie won't be released until 2013 ,

I'll be stalking my friend Holly

just in case she bumps into anymore amazing situations.

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