Downton Abbey: Back in Britain

Some of my stateside friends

were bemoaning

the airing

of Downton Abbey's

Season Three premier

here in the UK last night.

Yeah, sucks to be you America.

I'm totally kidding,

 I love America...

but it is


that you won't have it

until several months down the line.

When I am into a series,

whether it is book or film,

I absolutely hate when people drop spoilers.

{Wouldn't that be soooo Edith of me?}

When someone is a step ahead of me in reading or watching

and starts a sentence with the phrase,

"I'm not giving anything away, BUT.... "

it makes me fussy.

Because, as well all know, they actually DO give something away.

With that perspective in mind,

I'm going to do my very best to keep quiet

on the weekly happenings of Downton

until my American friends can catch up.

So since I can't tell you any details,

I'll just tell you...

the awesomeness that you fell in love with

from Seasons 1 & 2,

well... it's still there.

My mom was here watching it with me

and we were in the zone.

You have good things waiting for you.

While you're dreaming of Season 3,

here are some dreamy shots of my favorite, Lady Mary Crawley.

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