Guess What! We're Having...

We had our "big" scan on Friday. (Read: "ultrasound" if reading from  the US of A.) You know, the big scan where they spend a long time checking out all the parts and making sure there aren't any issues.I'll be honest, early on in my pregnancy I was reading about all of what can go wrong and was spending a lot of time "praying away" any possible defects or problems.

One day as I was praying through my list of deformities and syndromes, I felt God tell me to cut it out. I was replacing the joy of this process with the distraction and heaviness of fear.

So ever since then, I've had to decide to just relax, trust that God knows the recipe for healthy babies and just enjoy the process. This big scan also is the appointment where, depending on the cooperation of your baby, you can find out their gender. Tyler & I both felt cheesy doing a "reveal" so we were just going to play it cool and find out together at the ultrasound.

But as I was riding the bus home from work last week, I had an idea and Tyler thought it was pretty fun. After all the real work was done in the scan, our sweet sonogram tech each told one of us what one of the babies was (were?), while the other one closed their eyes and covered their ears.

So we left each knowing what one was, but not knowing what the other was... giving us each a little bit of immediate gratification and a little bit of suspense.

Then we left the hospital, grabbed some lunch, headed to the book store and, separately, choose and bought a book to give the other one that would tell the full story on our babies. We had them wrapped in bags and headed to Kensington Palace to unwrap the details of this fairy tale in style.

What came next was perfect.

We grabbed the books out of the bags, glanced at them and started to laugh... we both bought each other the same book!

Alice in Wonderland,written by Lewis Carroll during his time at Oxford, as a story for his dean's daughter. No explanation needed for either of us... we both knew immediately that we're having two girls! For some reason, two girls was the combination was the farthest off my radar.I was sure there would be at least one boy in there... but apparently, I was wrong,

After about a minute of letting it sink it, I've been obscenely giddy about what's in store for us. For some reason, I feel really capable of taking care of two girls and feel less intimidated about the months to come... and with the arrival of two babies on the horizon, it's nice to have some confidence.

It may not make sense to say it, but I just feel good about raising girls. If you're cozy and up for the full view of our day (a.k.a. the video we sent to our families to tell the news), watch the video below!

*all images & content original to Aspiring Kennedy