2012- An (Aspiring) Year in Review

Only a few more hours left here in England

until 2013 makes its way into our lives

and 2012 is gone for good.

{Except for our facebook timeline & Instagram feeds.}

Isn't it funny how certain years stand out in our minds as good, solid years...

while some years are just so miserable

you can't wait to lock them up and forget about them completely?

I hope that 2012 hasn't been one of those years for you,

but if it has- have hope!

Life is good

and better days will be back soon.

I love using this blog to record what is going on in our lives.

In the midst of chaos,

it helps to have an outlet to journal what all we do & what we see...

and it also helps me remember what all happened.

{Sometimes I'm fairly certain I have the memory of a golden retriever.}

So here we go...

the highlights of 2012-

a year that I am happy to pack away

with good thoughts and fond memories.


Tyler & I celebrated our 5th anniversary in New York with a photo shoot.

We moved from London to Paris for my a short-term stint for my job.


We toured Southern France in it's coldest weather in over 100 years.

I was a brat on Valentine's Day and blew a perfectly good holiday in Paris.

Life in Paris started to draw me in and I started taking notes on how to tour the city.


We ventured out on a MYSTERY TRIP (planned by moi) to Amsterdam, Germany & Austria.

The Swiss Alps brought us out for work and we weren't sad to ski & eat through our week there.


Tyler & I drove around Normandy exploring the WWII beaches & Mont St Michel.

It was Tyler's turn to surprise me with a second MYSTERY TRIP.... to the Italian Lakes!

We spent a week relaxing in a manoir in the Loire Valleywith our best friends.

My sweet grandmother, Viola, passed away.


We moved back to London just in time for me to help with Helena's home shoot.

Tyler turned 30 and I did my best to treat him like a man.

Tyler's sister gave birth to sweet baby, Grey.

I spent the first part of my summer in a heat wave in Scotland.


Tyler & I lounged at the beach and swung on a porch swing with family for a week in Florida.

Work brought me through Milan & Paris for a week that was one of the highlights of the summer.

I finally found the perfect purse for traveling- thanks GiGi NY!


I made my first (and only?) VLOG... where I swore off any babies in the near future.

We found out we had a baby headed our way... though I waited a bit to make it public on the blog.

I met up with girlfriends from Oxford for a sunny weekend in Rome.


We struck gold and scored tickets to the opening ceremonies of the London Olympics... for £20!

We cashed in our miles and flew first-class to Tyler's sister's wedding.

We found out we had ANOTHER baby headed our way- twins! 

Getting stranded on a layover in Chicago left us feeling a bit Bueller-esque.


We moved into a permanent place in Notting Hill.

My parents treated us to a week in Scotland.

European ex-Pat bloggers united in a Tuscan villa to celebrate Megan & Stephan's engagement.


We ventured to Iceland for a 10 day adventure of waterfalls, ponies & icebergs. (I love my job.)

I offered my two-cents on finding your place in the blogging community.


We found out we had two baby girls headed our way.

I wrapped up my work year with ten days exploring Scotland & Ireland.

Thanksgiving was celebrated at the Old Course Hotel in St. Andrews.


I found out Kate Middleton is pregnant... and I'm still recovering.

I flew to Texas & OKC for babies' showers.

My family came to spend Christmas with us in London.

Our 2012 Christmas Card.


That line up makes me tired just reading.

When I see it in writing, I realize just how much traveling we actually do...

which works out well, since we love it & my job requires it.

Who knows what 2013 will bring for us,

but I know that regardless of it is the same or different,

it's going to be good.

Happy New Years Eve!

I'll catch you on the flip side... but until then,

what's been a highlight of 2012 for you?