Six Years Down.

Today marks six years of marital bliss for us.

{Editor's Note: Yes, I just said "marital bliss."}


love story

started out pretty heavy

and the excitement hasn't slowed down yet.

There have been some hard times on this road, 

but we're lucky enough to be each other's best friend


so somehow, even the tough times seem kinda sweet

when you look back on them and see that we grew closer.

{Sorry, did I just hear you gag?}

Tyler always keeps me on my toes

by making it a point to celebrate our anniversary

someway... and somewhere special.

January 6, 2007

Our wedding...

with a honeymoon in Prague to follow

that took Tyler overseas for the first time...


Tyler surprised me with a trip to NYC for our first anniversary...

we had so little money

but had the best time together

walking around the city, eating pizza & hot dogs

and feeling so cool and grown up.


For our second anniversary,

it was off to Victoria, BC for a cozy weekend

somewhere random & exciting.

We felt


swanky because our Luxury Link package

gave us free massages & dinner at our hotel.


Back to NYC for our 3rd anniversary,

but this time- we brought our friends, Anthony & Kellee

to join along in the festivities

kicking off the first of many trips together.


This was our first year living in England

and we celebrated our fourth anniversary

by wandering lonely canals in Venice

and windy hillside towns in Tuscany.

PS. January is a great month to have an anniversary

because traveling to cool places is


much cheaper.


Last year was our fifth...

and somehow, NYC seemed to be the right decision

officially making it our "every other anniversary" destination.

I'm so thankful we had pictures taken to celebrate,

thank you Victoria for capturing this special day in our marriage.

And this year?

With two babies on the way

and an abdomen quickly nearing the size of a glacier?

Well, tonight we are headed to pizza & a movie.

So would we call this the end of an era?


Tyler's taking me to Venice

later this month to celebrate

with our friends, Tyler & Amber.

It's a combined Christmas/Anniversary/Babymoon present

since we are exceptionally poor this year...

but we couldn't miss the chance to squeeze in

another adventure before these girls arrive.

So if you happen to be in Venice

and notice a slow-moving gondola

chugging down a canal at an angle that eerily resembles the sinking Titanic,

just wave to this 8-mth pregnant woman

sitting in the back with the giant cone of gelato in hand.

I really can't wait...

and I can't wait to see where this adventurous life

takes the two (four?) of us next.

Happy Anniversary, Love.