Splurge of the {Weak}

I'm cheap.

You probably know this about me by now.

It's one of those traits that I'm proud of

when I get something awesome at a low price,

but also hate when my friends roll my eyes

as I gawk about the price of something.

For example,

I love that I get to birth two children

here in the UK for absolutely nothing

through the NHS program.

It warms my heart in way that's hard to explain.

I can't help it.

My mother is cheap.

My husband is cheap.

The financial perimeters

I've always worked in

have been set tight.

Cheap people like myself

typically find our thrills

through sales and discounted merchandise

{Hello, Gilt Groupe & Luxury Link!}

But when I find full-price merchandise

that is amazing and at a good price...

...well, I kind of lose my mind.

So this week, I have two great finds for you.

They aren't discounted or on sale...

not that I have any problem with those two qualifiers.

These items are both full price...

and they are really awesome values.




Most homes need several cool mirrors splashed throughout it.

In our 800 sq ft flat,

we have five hanging up.

The only problem is-

most mirrors are really expensive...

or they are the same ones all your friends have

from Z Gallerie or Target.

I love how unique this is

and that you could totally steal the attention

of a hallway or powder room

for just $165.

When you sign up for their mailing list,

you get 10% off your first order, 

so the price is even better.



A dress for $33?

I don't even feel like you can get a dress

 at Target

for that price these days.

To me, this dress feels like something

Anna from

Rifle Paper

would whip up if she was on Project Runway.

Plus, 5% of your purchase goes to a charity of your choosing,

so that makes it even more awesome.


So happy shopping, friends.

I already have that cute dress coming my way

with plans to wear it over my post-baby body


a certain friend's

Greek Isle wedding this summer.

Now it's your turn to share in the online shopping shame.

Have a great weekend!