Coming to My Senses.

When I was little, I loved me some potty humor. In fact, so much so that I named my hamster "Toot" when I was three years old. I still giggle when I think about it. That, my friends, is humor at it's finest. Joking about farting, peeing, burping... it's all pretty hilarious. But in real life, eh... not so much.

I know a lot of couples think farting around each other is funny... but I'm not that cool. The concept of breathing in someone else's poop particles is rather alarming to me and turns me into a bit of a nose-up prude.

But there's a new sheriff in town. One who cares nothing for my rules and environmental preferences and who works them out without a care in the world. And I, ashamedly, find it completely hilarious.

Yes, this was an entire blog centered on baby farts. We can go back to talking about other important topics like Mediterranean beaches, cute summer sandals & fancy cakes tomorrow.



*all images original to Aspiring Kennedy