FOUR SALE: Taking Home The Silver

I've been wandering through the market for the past weekend mornings

with the motivation to master my walking-while-consuming-coffee-and-pastry skills,

get some "me" time while Tyler & Viola snooze,

and to find special pieces that can find a place in your home.

{So, I guess it's not exactly a selfless task.}

After my


full of pretty finds from Notting Hill's Portobello Road,

I learned two important lessons:

1. People really like English antiques.

2. They get pretty sad when they chance to get any

because the sale is already over.

So, as a perpetual people-pleaser,

I set out to reinvent the wheel

and give the people what they want.

This resulted in a couple of days

of thinking through different formats & options....

and then one night, the answer was really obvious.

Here's what's going to happen:

It's all going to be sold via a

Facebook page

 especially for FOURSALE.


Why move it from my blog you ask?

Well, for the silly sake of matching the section above, 

I'm going to give you two reasons:

1. It allows people to snag a piece

if they are away from their computers

through commenting via the Facebook app...

which, as we all know, is 2408 times easier

than commenting on blogger with your phone.

2. It will offer better notice when the sales start,

since people check Facebook about 2408 times

more in a day than this blog.

{I know, I know... people's

priorities are way off.}

So go on to the new


and check out the little goody I have waiting for you there.

And in the meantime,

let's take a quick trip through Notting Hill.

sorry ladies. this one's off the market. ;)

*all images original to aspiring kennedy.