Pack Your Bags | Edinburgh, Scotland

I know I've posted about Edinburgh several times in the past. At least, this time & this time

that I can remember.

But since I have get to go up there so often for work, I find new things each time I'm there that I think you might want to

know about. I got to see the usual haunts like the Royal Mile....

John Knox's House....

& the funny street performers that may or may not have the same name as my daughter....

...but I wanted to jot down a few new places that might make your trip to Edinburgh better. The King James Thistle Hotel

This place is located really close the train station {right across from the Balmoral, if that helps give you context?}, has

affordable room rates, and has a staff that is super friendly...especially in the case that your reservation is accidentally

cancelled. Not that I would know anything about that though.

LE MONDE | This restaurant is located in the heart of New Town. It's got delicious food {I'll go ahead and recommend the

leek & parmesan risotto and the sticky toffee pudding}, great decor that will make you feel like you're fancy, affordable

prices that won't make you feel like you're broke, and a staff that is super friendly...especially in the case that your baby

poops through her outfit TWICE. Not that I would know anything about that though. 

CALTON HILL | I've always seen the gorgeous stone monuments sitting on the far edge of new town but have never really

know what they were and how you would get up to see them...or if you even could? Well, this time, after leaving an

indulgent afternoon at Clarinda's Tea Room, we found the path up there and it was so easy to do. {About a 5 minute climb

up while holding a baby. Easy peasy.}

not so sure about that bright sun....The gorgeous view of the city makes this a, it's proximity to New Town

makes it too easy not to do on a pretty day.

MIU MIU Glitter Slippers

I also got to break in the new shoes that I found on clearance at Off 5th while I was in the States. I couldn't find them

online for you, but I did find some similar ones that are pretty darn cute & sparkly, too. {You know, just in case you have

an inner-Dorothy complex that needs to be satisfied, too.}

* * *

Any new places in Edinburgh that you love

that I should try on my next visit?

*all images original to Aspiring Kennedy