Eat Your Heart Out: The Borough Market

I'm not exactly sure how I first heard about the

Borough Market.

I think I remember reading about it in some foodie's column

recounting his recent visit to London.

Regardless of what inspired the initial visit,

I've been a huge advocate/fan/fat kid 

for the kid ever since.

Tucked under the arches of old bridges 

just off *the* bridge of London

(London Bridge, obviously)

sits the Borough Market.

I could geek out and tell you all about

its prominent


in London's Southwark borough

for hundreds of years.

(I'll save that for my student groups though.)

Instead, I'm just going to let the pictures do the talking for me....

A few items of note for your visit...

since, I am forcing you to go when you come to London.

Yes, forcing you.

Which, as author/monarch of this blog, I'm allowed to do.

1. Eat a chorizo sandwich from Brindisa. 

The stand is across from Monmouth Coffee.

If you can't find it, 

ask any employee. 

They'll point you in the right way.

One toasted warm bun drizzled in olive oil 

+ spicy chorizo straight off the grill

+ a roasted piquillo pepper

+ a bed of rocket/arugula

 _______________________________  =


We pretty much bring all of our out of town visitors here

because it's such a hit.

We force the chorizo on them, too...

and they have yet to not love it.

Another crowd favorites is ROAST,

a stand that sells meaty sandwiches.

The lunch line is made up of about 92% dudes in suits

waiting for their hot pork belly smothered in bramley apple sauce.

It's often seen in food shows- 

I think Mr. Bourdain visited there, if I remember correctly.



Full Market Days: Thursday, Friday, Saturday

Lunch Only (10-3) : Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

*all images original to Aspiring Kennedy