Getting Cozy Around Here: HUSH Giveaway

I have to work really hard

not to spend 100% of my life

in pajamas.

It's definitely an intentional effort that I have to make on a daily basis.

I have a cute Ted Baker silk robe

that I wear so much

during my periods of working from home

that my husband refers to it

as my "day gown."

But this isn't about me.

It's about one of you scoring a posh pair of pjs from


{Do you know that in the UK they call them "pyjamas?" Funny, huh?}

Well, they do.

And another thing they say here

is that HUSH makes some





{They also make cute every day clothes, too.}

Now one of you will get to say it

where ever it is that you live, too.

They offered to give me a pair to check them out

but I'd rather one of you good people

get to enjoy them.

I don't need thanks....

just maybe someone to make me coffee

and wash my beloved robe

every now and then for me

to keep me from becoming the stinky kid.

Oh and while you're in the middle

of your online break from the day,

check out the pinterest boards

I made with a little inspiration from the

HUSH line.

A "WEEKEND AWAY" board that left me dreaming

of a quiet cozy cabin (or you know, small chateau in France)

full of lazy mornings, sunlight, big mugs of coffee

brought into wake me in bed....

and some cozy PG pajamas/pyjamas to live in.

"CITY BREAK" with a quick roundup of everything fabulous

about a weekend away in a great city...

Paris, NYC, London, wherever.

Nothing like a quick recharge in the electric environment

of an amazing urban setting. Right?

And of course, "PRETTY. HOT. | Beach Style

which lends itself more to clambakes in Hamptons

than it does to bikinis in Mexico.

But then again, that should be no surprise to you...

this is Aspiring Kennedy, after all.

Good luck & enjoy!

*Winner will be selected July 8, 2013 at random.

*Entries will submit emails to HUSH email list.