Pack Your Bags: Icelandic Super Jeeps

We are back in Reykjavic

after several days out on the road.

Literally, we slept out in a hut last night

after spending the past two days crawling around

the mountains of Iceland in these bad boys.

Icelandic SuperJeeps

are the biggest cars you have ever seen.

Like monster trucks, but bigger, and practical.

(Not just for rolling over other cars? Why is that?)

Though you spend most of your time

going up the steepest inclines you've never imagined

on snowy volcanos and summits,

you also get to go to some rugged non-snow destinations, too.

Like Haifoss- which means the "high waterfall."

My breath was taken away

when I walked around the edge

to reveal the canyon below.

Literally, I got so excited

I started yelling at Tyler

and running around the edge

like a yellow lab upon finding

a squirrel sneaking under the fence.

If you come to Iceland,

check out getting a super jeep.

We take one up


(the snoozing volcano)

and out to


for a night at the hut.

We use

Iceland Explorer


 to book our trips

and they do an amazing job!

*Note: You can drive many places by yourself in Iceland,

however- to reach some places (Landmannalaugur & Thorsmock), 

you'll need professional drivers

on professional vehicles!

*all images original to Aspiring Kennedy