Dallas: Oddfellows

In the midst of the usual emails

that people send me

asking for advice

on European hotspots

such as

London, Paris & Florence...

I've been receiving a few

for a place that I know just as well:

Dallas, Texas.

I'm a born & bred Texan, mes amis.

I get to go back a handful of times

each year in between semesters.

I was there over the weekend

for a quick work trip...

and got to add a new place

to my "go" list for the Big D.

Don't miss a breakfast/brunch



the next time

life brings you through the Big D.

It would be so sad.

In fact, don't skip out on the Bishop Arts area in general.

It's got so many amazing places tucked in it.

And with how popular it is becoming, 

you may feel like the odd man out

if you did.

{Sorry, couldn't help myself.}

Obviously, we weren't planning on getting our pictures taken when we rolled out of bed. Oh well. In living color.


a few other "musts" for your required visit:

Start with an order of the Beignets,

don't ask questions.

Just trust me.

I personally will recommend the Huevos Rancheros

for many reasons, but mainly because

that bottom layer of corn tortilla is a crispy wonderland.

Go ahead and follow your instinct with the gingerbread pancake-

though skip the red velvet, it's a disappointment.

Lattes are great there.

Fresh squeezed orange juice is a treat.

Oh my, 

I really think

you're going to love it there.

*    *   *

Go getcha some:


316 West 7th Street

Dallas, Texas 75208

Local Tip: Get there before 9 on the weekend

or be prepared to WAIT (like 30-45min) for a table.

*all images original to Aspiring Kennedy