a good year: my addiction to wine.

The holidays are the perfect time

for writing cards expressing sentiment,

picking out the perfect gift for your loved ones,

baking a beloved family recipe...  

and, of course, wine.

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Whether it's mulled wine in a Christmas market,

sparkling wine toasting to the year at close, or

for many people, as the cure

for too much time

spent up close & personal

with relatives you'd rather not be related to...

But this year,

can I suggest it

as the antidote for

a humbug holiday attire instead?


because that's exactly

what I'm about to do.

My crush on this wine-stained obsession

started when I bought (via ebay)

my first pair of Lanvin flats.

Since then,

it seems to be popping out at me

at every flick of the magazine page.

It just seems perfect for this time of year...

paired with glittery gold accents

or muted with a toned-down olive or camel,

it's just a good staple to have in your closet

for the winter months ahead.

Before your head starts to get fuzzy

from all this wine babble,

let me just leave it with some quick pics.

... and I'll finish my Ocado food order

for our Thanksgiving lunch tomorrow.