In The Houzz (Sabrina + Sasha)

Since I have been so bored lately

and wihout much to do

(read: complete sarcasm),

I decided to take on a new role

as the London contributor for Houzz.

(I'll sleep when I'm dead.)

As the contributor,

I get to take a peek in people's houses

and see what their lives are like...

and then I shoot them

-the houses, not the people-

and write about them for all the world to see

on Houzz's lovely site.


first home

that I had the privilege to feature

was the new digs of a sweet couple that I met

at the "7th of July" block party this summer.

The couple lives next to my friend, Lolly...

and I walked away from meeting them

and seeing their new home with stars in my eyes.

Sasha (Russian) + Sabrina (Canadian-American)

are two attorneys who are starting their lives together

in a really cute mews flat in South Kensington.

Not only are they attractive smarties (both are attorneys)

and their home ridiculously well curated,

but they are genuinely nice people, too.

Check out more snaps from their home tour


(And, okay, fine... if you wanted to leave a nice comment encouraging them

it probably wouldn't be a bad thing.)

*photography by Lauren Bryan Knight for Houzz