Write It Down.

I enjoy writing.


I can think clearer and articulate how I feel

by writing my thoughts down.

Journaling has always been a huge part

of all of my travels.

If you looked in my closet

at my parents house,

you would find endless journals

half-filled with pages of my travels.

School trips, mission trips, family trips...

They would become immortalized by pen.

It seemed an injustice to the experience (and expense!)

to do anything but that...

As if it was wasteful to forget one day.

And I guess I still feel that way...

I love taking notes, pictures, 

writing favorite spots

we discovered down along the way

to show an odd form of thankfulness for the experience...

That's why this blog is so full of things, I suppose.

If someone can benefit from the experience I had,

it makes it live on and have a deeper worth.

But beyond the journaling & blogging,

I also love writing postcards.

I send them to the littles in my life that are special to us...

And, now that they've received them for a few years and the excitement has worn off a bit,

I get to write them to a new friend who needs them.

And that just makes the experience of going places,

even amazing places,

all the better.

Postcards? Pictures? Videos?

How do you savor your travel experiences?

* * *

I just walked in the door from two weeks

moving around England, Scotland, Wales & Ireland...

capped off by a weekend in Barcelona.

(If that's new news, jump on the

Aspiring Kennedy Instagram

train for immediate gratification.)

More on those later

-as my immediate priority after a 4am taxi is a nap-

but for now,

check out two other places (on-line) 

that you can find me at recently.

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