Here And There

Well, I was in London...

but now we're in Texas.

After a few days

of traveling, jet-lagging, binge eating, and hustling,

we are now

unwinding, getting back to working, and detoxing...

...oh yeah, and blogging.

Nothing too fancy,

but I thought I would brighten your Tuesday

(it is Tuesday right?)

with some things

that have been snagging my attention.

. . .

I saw The Secret Life of Walter Mitty last night...

Tyler & I both agreed Ben Stiller is getting better looking with age,

however, we disagreed about liking the movie.

(Him = meh. | Me = yay.)

Anyone else love it as much as me?


I'm giving my site a facelift

with the help of the always fabulous,


She just does the best site design...

I'm such a big fan.

(Look for the updated, spiffy look soon.)


I may be the last girl on the planet

not to have a Kate Spade cell phone...

but I finally got one (from here)

after my long-standing $5 amazon find



I can't believe

our babymoon

was over a year ago.

Man, that trip was fun.

Enough fun for this pregnant girl

to forget she was the size of Italy

and waddle around the streets of Venice

 for hours on end

while her legs swelled to the size

of giant salamis...

What I would give

to be back in that moment...

I think I'd

freeze time and just stay there forever.


Baby GAP came out with a Paddington Bear collection.

Be still my beating (or was it bleeding?) wallet.

Also along the

I-need-to-stop-spending-our-clothing-budget-on-baby lines:

these baby moccassins are great.

I'll blog about them more later

when I host a giveaway for Minnetonka,

but in the meantime- $20 for a pair. 

They even got a "those are ridiculously cute" from Tyler...

who, if you know Tyler, doesn't say those kinds of things

just to make me feel good about my shopping haul.


Also, the

lady-sized pair

is pretty great

for loafing around the house in...

I already am dreaming of a rainbow of them in my closet.


Oh, and speaking of giveaways...

tomorrow, there's going to be one here

for one of my favorite travel bags by Ellington.


Be back later this week for your chance to win.

. . .

And now, 

me and my Costco-sized tub of JIF

are headed to the couch

with an apple, The Sound of Music

and absolutely no shame.

(Okay, fine... a little shame. Stupid detox.)

*images original to Aspiring Kennedy