Paris? Mais, Oui!

With the craziness of holidays, baby, work combined with me being an air-head, I almost forgot to say it here: We are headed (back) to Paris for the spring! This February, we are headed back to the City of Lights for another springtime of  crepes, chambray, picnics along the river, Degas, pastries, Monoprix sales, steak-frites, freezing in the Paris weather, and making memories that will stay with us forever. It's not exactly uprooting your life to go somewhere else for 3 months, but what great things in life come without a bit of hard work & trade-off?

Instead of feeling interrupted or burdened I feel thankful for my boss + job and grateful for a husband  who is supportive and who can, for the most part, work anywhere... and, I'm excited to dress Viola in French baby clothes.

*    *   *

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