Blow It Out.

I'll admit something to you...

but just you, internet. 

I only wash my hair once a week.

I know... crazy.

My hair is super thick

(like, it's shocking)

and washing/blow drying/straightening it

is a three hour ordeal

from start to finish.

And the London humidity makes

it not too oily or too dry.

(Airplanes and Texas are tough on it, admittedly.)

Since pedicures are really terrible in the UK,

don't include good massages (the best part!)

and are around £40,

I nevvvvver get them here.

But I do splurge ever couple of weeks

on getting my hair blown out.

In fact, I have a lady that comes to my house

and does my hair there...

for £25!

I can't lie...

it's one of my favorite things.

My hair gets done to perfection

in a third of the time it would take me to muck with it...

All while the baby naps

and I drink coffee watching Law & Order SVU

in my pajamas.

Worth every single Kate-Middleton-wannabe penny.

Now you know my guilty pleasure.

(Well, besides the carbs addiction, but you knew about that.)

 .    .    .

Everyone has their weakness.

Their thing they refuse to do...

whether it's splurging to have your dog walked,

having someone come dust & change your bed linens.

 a personal trainer guide your workouts

or even paying for someone else to make & deliver your juice cleanse.

Everyone has a point where they just... don't.

So what's yours?

Spill it.

*photography by Noah Darnell