MAISON MIRU: Cecelia Wreath Giveaway

I don't buy a lot of jewelry.

I know most girls update their collection

every season with new pieces...

but I, well, I just don't.

Maybe you would expect for me to offer

 some cool, understated reason

for this purchasing habit, 

but there's not one to give.

The boring truth is

that I just stick to a few pieces 

and wear them for years

until they literally fall apart on me.

I think I just can't deal with 

a big mess of tangled earrings and necklaces

getting knotted and twisted 

in my jewelry pouch and toiletry bag... 

But when I saw

Maison Miru's Cecelia wreath necklace,

I knew I wanted to buy it immediately.

It was just too perfect for me to pass up.

I really felt like it was something 

that I could wear with so many different outfits

and would stay fashionable for years.

Plus, at £40- it was way cheaper 

than the other costume pieces 

I had seen at JCrew and elsewhere.

So I bought it,

and I love it as much as I thought I would.

(In fact, I like it more after feeling how heavy & sturdy it is...)

What do you think?

You think you might like one, too?

Yup. I thought so.

Well, let's make that happen.

Maison Miru

is offering one of you lucky readers

a chance to win the same

Cecelia Wreath necklace

that I have and love.

While the line has tons of pieces that I really like...

like this necklace...

or this one....

or these earrings...

this piece stands out to me as just... well, so lovely.

(Yes, I do play favorites.)

Enter below for your chance to win

your very own Maison Miru Cecelia Wreath Necklace.

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Winner will be announced next Monday.

*photos by Noah Darnell