Now You Know: Champagne?

If there's one thing I've learned

while living in France,

is that people are particular 

about their sparkling wine....

Excusez-moi, "champagne."

Because, in France, mon ami,

you can find Champagne

most every where you go...

since it's made there.

If you go to a cafe in London,

you may find other bubbles on the menu

but just because it's pretty and sparkling,

doesn't mean it's "Champagne."

It could sparkling wine from Italy, Spain or Napa.

(Though, you won't see American wine on a European menu too often.)

Champagne is the name that is given ONLY

to sparkling wine grown in the Champagne region in France.


And they get really fussy if you give it's name 

to anything that isn't from that area.

So here's a quick tutorial for you 

so that you can speak of the sparkling

and babble of bubbles 

correctly where ever it is

you find yourself.

Are there bubbles in your glass?

It's sparkling!

Is it from France?

Then it's probably Champagne...

but check that the bottle says so.

Is it from Italy?

Then it's not Champagne- it's prosecco.

Is it from Spain?

Then it's not Champagne- it's cava.

* * * 

Look at that.

We've all got a bit smarter 

and more refined.

Cheers to that.

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