Travel Log

I tried out for nine sports teams in school.

I only made one...

and that was a direct result

of the coach not having enough people

to fill the team roster.

Sports aren't my thing.

I'm terrible at cleaning & singing, too.

But something I'm really awesome at is traveling.

In fact, I actually am so good,

I now get paid to travel.

It's as cool as it sounds.

Sometimes, I feel guilty about it...

like I've cheated the system.

So how do I absolve this self-inflicted guilt?

I share my splendors with you.

I've also included

survival tips for flying budget airlines,

the best ways to travel India,

my favorite site for affordably swanky hotel stays

& how to find

the hidden Prada outlet in Tuscany.

If you're planning a vacation

or simply looking for a way to dream

during your work day,

I've listed out my favorites here

in alphabetical order for easy reference..

These are the places that I always return to,

the luxury hotel I might have splurged on,

or the local dish you should never miss.

You could say they're my favorite things in the world.

Click here for my posts for Venice.

*this page is under constant construction.

check back for updated links*