A Walk in The Park.


It has been so (oddly) wonderful here in London the past few days. Every time I walk out the door, I can't help but scheme up something to do to take advantage of the amazing day.

Yesterday, I drug Tyler & Viola out of the flat for a walk through the park. As soon as we got outside, it wasn't hard to keep convincing them into the idea. So off we scuttled towards Kensington Gardens. Since we moved, it's literally a five minute walk... which is pretty awesome, in my opinion.

Less awesome was the line to get into the Princess Diana Playground. Oof. We decided to forgo our original plans and opt for Plan B: letting Viola run like a wild animal around Kensington Gardens while we chased after her in a squat-run. (Almost as fun as sitting on a park bench and talking while she plays in the sand, but not quite.)

Cynicism aside, it ended up being such a fun afternoon. Leaves were crunched. Shoulders were ridden. Ducks and swans and swans were flirted with as Viola kept leaning forward and making kissing noises at in hopes of getting some lip action. (Sadly, the sentiment was not returned.)

You know what else is awesome? Reading week. I have no classes this week. Thank you, British schooling system. I suddenly have time to catch up on life, watch Law & Order re-runs and blog to my heart's content. High fives all around. 





*images original to Aspiring Kennedy