London Bloggers Brunch


If there's anything I can tell you about myself it is this: I am definitely the LEAST impressive person in my group of friends. Point proven this weekend at the London Blogger Brunch when my friend Teri had us over for casual morning.

Except it wasn't casual, at all. It was amazing. And delicious.

Beyond the gorgeous food and decor, the highlight of the morning was getting to put faces to the (screen)names of so many people I've only previously known online.

Ah... good food, fun times, nice people. After a week of feeling beaten down by being online, I left this morning reminded how sweet the people who invest in creating spaces online can be. Thanks for the fun day, Teri. Mornings like that make blogging worth it.


Have you ever met someone in person that you only knew online and NOT liked them? Honestly, it's never happened to me. Maybe I just like everyone? But I kind of think it says more about the type of people who make themselves available to people through this community.



*images original to Aspiring Kennedy