Get a Move On.

You know when life gets busy and you want to just freeze from all the pressure. The only thing you can do is just keep moving.

So that's what we are doing. In the midst of chaos, we are MOVING. In two weeks. What? I know. It's craziness to the millionth degree, but our landlord needed our flat for a family member and we had to make a quick jump to find a new place.


Luckily, our new place is great! I'm really so excited to get in there, shave off a good ten minutes from my commute (while still enjoying the best our neighborhood has to offer!), and have an apartment with a beautiful updated kitchen and a REAL fridge. Yes, our current flat has a fridge the size of a dorm fridge. The glamorous European lifestyle, y'all. 

While there are so many great things about our new place- that I'm sure I'll share with you in time- I've still got to figure out how to get all of our stuff from Home A to Home B. I'm too caught up in the logistics of life to mourn leaving our current home.

The home that we dreamed of our girls in, the tiny kitchen that I spent countless hours cooking in, the home we brought Viola to, the table that welcomed friends over dinner, the walls that saw some really happy times and some really sad times. It's the home were we became a family.

But here we stand... in the moment of normal life just before everything changes. (Again.) The tides of life seem to turning over again. And who knows what other changes it will bring our way!

Plus, our new address will practically make us neighbors to Will & Kate, so... you win some, you loose some.




*images original to Aspiring Kennedy