To Viola. XO George.


I know a lot of us are familiar with the Instagram darling, Target Does it Again... but have you seen it's WalMart counterpart, Woah, Wait, Walmart

Two of my college friends are actually the brains behind the site & popular IG account. You'll see them modeling clothes and finds on a daily basis that will really make you rethink the Arkansas-born retailer. While I was resistant to like it as a Target loyalist, I have to say: I've been impressed... and inspired.

While we don't have WalMart here, we do have ASDA- their UK arm. And while Target has Mossimo and Exhileration, ASDA has George.

Since we are moving flats in a couple of weeks (don't even ask- it's just too crazy to even acknowledge), I'm challenging myself to think outside the IKEA box and design a room for Viola entirely off items from the George line. So here you have it, a nursery for Viola by George. (Until Prince George can give her own apartment within the royal residences, obviously.)


I based the design off the wallpaper I found- it's £8 a roll! I mean, that about $150 less than the roll of designer wallpaper I had been crying over recently. 

I have to say, I like the end result. Since our second bedroom also shares the purpose of "guest bedroom," I like that the look is playful without being immature. We'll see if I can actually muster the brain power to put this look into an actual reality after we move in!

Check out Woah ,Wait, WalMart? on Instagram to get in on the daily finds. I promise, they'll win you over with their affordable finds, too.




*artwork orignal to Aspiring Kennedy

*sponsored by George