Clementine Cuties


I'm not sure who decided that lemons would be perfect for summer, and oranges best at Christmas. They both seem pretty appropriate and fresh at any point in the year, but we'll just have to leave that question under the broad title of tradition or... you know, crop cycles. 

Never the less, when those little net bags of clementines appear in the winter, I absolutely can not resist them. I go through an obscene amount of which I am too proud to disclose here. I can tell you that at two points in my life, my armpits have smelled strongly of oranges from (over)eating the little citrus delights. 

And since no one can judge you for what you eat when you're in your third trimester with twins, I will also let you in on the fact that I ate a bag a day of them for several weeks at the end of my pregnancy. And I could have probably eaten more... except Tyler would only buy me one bag a day and my iceberg self was too lazy to walk to the store to render this cruelty.

Ok, so I like them. You get the idea, but you know what else I like this time of year? Orange in my wardrobe. So in the sake of sticking with tradition, let's save our bright yellow dresses for lazy summer days along the coast of Italy, and pull out some orange to brighten up our winter look.





*image original to Aspiring Kennedy