MINTED | Holiday Card Giveaway!


Some people really go all out for their holiday decorating. I've always been a bit of a slacker in this department. Luckily, both of our mom's take the role very seriously, so we always get to enjoy a homey holiday feel. (Though, not of our own doing.)

While I fail at decorating, I do take Christmas Cards pretty seriously. I love getting and sending them. I hang them up on a little twine with little clothes pins and let them stay for well into the New Year.

The other tradition I stick to is NOT posting my Christmas Cards onto social media before they are sent out. (Otherwise, what's the point?) But this year, I'm making an exception. Why? Because MINTED is giving one of you $250 to spend on their site to make your own holiday cards... and it only felt right to show you how lovely their work is with a preview of the gorgeous order that arrived at our door this week from their line of Foil Stamped Holiday Cards.


You may not know or remember, but before we moved to England I worked in the luxury stationery business. We made gorgeous work and I'm proud of the things we cranked out in that little studio. After working there for four years, I learned what truly beautiful work is, so believe me when I tell you: MINTED does an amazing job of creating great printed goods. (You'll be hooked if you try them once!)


Enter below for your chance to win $250 of credit to spend at MINTED. Easy to enter! 



*images original to Aspiring Kennedy