Traveling with Kids | Playing Fair


Tonight while we ate dinner,

Viola was zoned out watching

Yo Gabba Gabba on my iPhone.


I know, 

I was totally that parent in the restaurant,

but here's why I did it

(and while I'll do it again)...


Today we woke up at 9:00.


We put our clothes on,

and were out the door within the hour.



We drank coffee at the cafe downstairs,

we walked to the boulangerie for pastries,

and we hopped in the car.


We drove an hour,

 explored a cute little town 

and it's famous copper shops.


We ate a three course lunch

and we hopped back in the car

for another hour of driving.


We reached Mont St. Michel

where we spent the next three hours 

exploring the city

and watching Viola roll around in the grass of the abbey.


We walked back down,

hopped on the shuttle,

got in the car,

drove another two hours.


When we got back to Bayeux at 8pm,

we went in search of dinner.


It was a LONG day.


A long, adult-friendly day.


My baby was exhausted

and she had sat, sweetly, in her carseat

and through long meals for several days.


(She sat through a three hour dinner

on Friday without a moan or cry!)


But tonight, she was tired

and wanted to be in bed.


So I let her watch weird animals dancing around

as she rubbed her eyes and ate pizza.


I won't pretend to have a magic formula for traveling with kids,

but I can tell you:

it's a give and take relationship.


You get to see and do great things,

but you have to be kind to them

when you're running them around

without a say in the schedule.


You expect big things from them?

Fair enough.

I do, too.


But I also try really hard to make it easy on her

when we are in slow moments.



You may find yourself doing things that make you cringe

(hello baby with iPhone!)

because you put them through a lot 

when you bring them to travel with you.



Take it easy on them!

Order Dominos into your hotel room

when you've been out all day

so that they can have the night in.

Let them crawl around on the floor

of the back room of the cafe you're having coffee in.


If you're nursing, feed them an extra time

to help settle them and make them comfortable.


Or whatever may arise that makes their day a bit easier.

You're asking a lot of them...

and it will help reset them for the day ahead.


And trust someone who has learned the hard way,

a little "give" during travel

helps everyone out!